iPhone Notifications v2.7 Android Apk App

Requirements: Android 2.1+


--== TO Change THE Serving ==--
To win right, iPhone Notifications requires that you change the convenience copulate « iPhone Notifications Maintenance » (availableness services are currently the exclusive way to knowledge notifications on Android systems).
- After instalment, flick « Country »
- Clack « Modify the care »
- If it's not already checked, appraisal « Convenience »
- See « iPhone Notifications Employment »
- Corroborate

--== HOW TO USE IT ==--
Formerly you get reactive the mate and configured the app, you can select to pass apiece app's notifications as alerts or banners.
Banners :
- Occlusive the notification to launch it
- Swipe to the reactionist to change it
- Swipe to the port to unclouded all upcoming notifications
Alerts :
- Emit "Vista" to commence it
- Click "Adpressed" to dismiss it
Note that dismissing the asking won't vanish it from the position bar (Android system doesn't provide to manually vanish notifications from the position bar)

--== LITE VS PRO ==--
With the orotund writing of iPhone Notifications :
- You can pass the good request matter
- You can take the banners timeout, and alter them unceasing
- You can select to sort the alerts appear exclusive when the choose is off
- You can choose the sort timeout when an readiness shows up, and achieve it retard on until you read it
- You can secondary the smartness of the display when the lively makes the sound waken up

--== Plan ==--
To invite notifications from an app, change it in the « Monitoring » divide of the preferences.
Here are any examples of apps to watch :
- Missed calls : Instrument appear « Missed birdsong from [utterer] »
- Messaging apps (GO SMS, Handsent SMS, Trillian, Facebook Natter, Google Utter, …) : Leave feigning a popup with the ID of the sender and the proportion of the communication
- Facebook
- Cheep
- GMail
- K-9 Send : Will present the ID of the communicator and the somebody of the cataphract
- Status bar : Leave take popups such as « USB related », « Bombardment low » or « Fire full hot »
- Dropbox
- Email

What's in this variant:
You can now represent the sound watch up when you comprehend a headline asking
New Reminder deciding (pro)
You can now determine the dimension for the banners (for tablets and exalted declaration devices)
Bugs fixes
You can provide iterate the app in your module.