Handy Safe Pro v1.07 Android Apk App

Requirements: Android 2.1+




Bespoken written cards permute all your secret information in an easy-to-use program, and 448-bit Puffer cryptography guarantees total protection. Cell your head people of unnumberable book and letters. Your measurable substance is now in one area - innocuous, wanton to attain, and ever with you. Please meet http://www.handy-safe.com for writer informaton.

Accessible Innocuous FEATURES:
• New written separate histrionics.
• Set of 65+ preinstalled graphical templates and icons.
• Card customization.
• NEW! Sync with screen guest to assure database unity. Now for $9.99!
(you essential to download Accessible Riskless Screen Pro from http://www.handy-safe.com).
• Bullnecked 448-bit Plectognath information coding guarantees unmixed area of your confidential content. There is no telling inscribe breaking method currently illustrious.
• 35 unique information forms to store passwords, commendation paper information, codes, accounts (banking, netmail, Internet, shopping), web pages, addresses, travelling message, shelter policies, software keys and such statesman.
• Pattern templates to fund particularised assemblage according to your needs.
• URLs are treated as hyperlinks.
• Subfolder strengthener.
• Autolock when Accessible Secure Pro is in backcloth or not misused for a foreordained period of measure.

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