Full Fitness Trainer v1.0 Apk App

Requirements: 1.5+
Overview: PLAYCOACH Full Fitness Trainer is your best video personal trainer.

To progress and motivates you to workout more often, you need professionnal videos. All of the exercises in PLAYCOACH Full Fitness Trainer have videos ! You just have to choose a target, watch the videos and progress. It's simple.

PLAYCOACH Full Fitness Trainer offers many training programs to work all the muscles step by step (abs, legs, back...).

-> the video exercices DON'T REQUIRE SPECIFIC EQUIPMENT !
-> certified instructor QUALITY CONTROL !
-> a nice and professional COACH who explains in detail the movements !
-> choose your favorite MUSIC and practice !

You can choose a lot of exercices including all these programs :
Best Butt Workout
Break the Muscle Barrier
Leg Strength Builder
Arm Strength Builder
The Strongman Challenge
Back Strength Builder
Ultimate Abs Workout
Killer Chest Workout
Rock-Solid Shoulders
Lower Body Stretch
Upper Body Stretch
Upper Body Stretch

It's time do sport with a personnal coach trainer. If you want to be fit or slim and healthy, you must work your endurance (cardio training) and eat good foods. And it's not useful to do a diet if you don't practice physical activities.

With a complete offer, this app helps you to work all your body every day with a coach always in your pocket !

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