Frienemy v2.0 Apk App

Requirements: Android 1.6 and up
Overview: Ever noticed that your friends list has shrunk but not been able to figure out which friend has removed you? This app solves that problem.

All you have to do is login and authorize this app to use your friends list. Once the app is granted permission by you, it downloads and displays to you your current friends list. Then, on subsequent launches, it will be able to tell if one of your friends is no longer in your friends list by comparison. This way, you can react immediately to the betrayal.

You can also use this application to see which of your friends are paying you the most attention. We call this feature "Stalkers". It shows you a list with your top stalkers in descending order.

UPDATE: You can now view your friends' stalker list as well.

The latest version includes the ability to flag any of your friends to track changes in their profile. We call this feature "Stalking". If you flag a friend as stalking, you will receive a notification anytime that they make a change to their profile. This is convenient if you want to be notified when you're latest crush becomes single.

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