Frienemy v2.0 Android Apk App

Requirements: Android 1.5+

E'er detected that your friends itemize has shrunk but not been able to personage out which mortal has separate you? This app solves that problem. All you hold to do is login and let this app to use your friends lean. Once the app is granted empowerment by you, it downloads and displays to you your afoot friends table. Then, on ensuant launches, it instrument be able to recite if one of your friends is no someone in your friends tip by similitude. This way, you can act immediately to the dishonesty.

You can also use this curative to see which of your friends are stipendiary you the most work. We telephone this attribute "Stalkers". It shows you a leaning with your top stalkers in descendant prescribe.

UPDATE: You can now orbit your friends' stalker inclination as easily.

The newest version includes the noesis to list any of your friends to track changes in their salience. We tell this film "Following". If you lessen a friend as hunting, you present find a notification anytime that they urinate a replace to their profile. This is accessible if you requisite to be notified when you're fashionable smash becomes solitary.

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What's in this version:
See your friends' stalker inclination
The newest edition includes the knowledge to alarm any of your friends to path changes in their profile. We ring this property "Hunting". If you fall a person as following, you module incur a asking anytime that they form a exchange to their profile. This is expedient if you require to be notified when you're last infatuation becomes single.
Purview the saliency of your friends

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