Fonjector v1.0 Apk App

Requirements: 2.2+
Overview: To capture, Enlarging,and projecting screen. See screen on your PC projector.

Do you feel your smart phone’s screen is not big enough, when you want to show pictures or document to friends around you?

Fonjector is a smart phone projector solution with PC. When your PC and smartphone in the same local LAN, Fonjector can convey the whole screen image to your PC’s display or PC’s external projector.

How it works :
“Fonjector” is the application on smart phone device. It requires an USB dongle drive , and boot your PC by the USB drive. This USB drive, we called “Fonjector receiver” , will get smartphone’s screen data and display it on PC. Please access to download and install the USB image .

This USB image file can also be burned into DVD/CD. Booting by the DVD/CD can do the same job of USB dongle.

Notice :
-Root Required
-Before use it, please access to download and make “Fonjector reciever USB” system.
-Some of AMD platform PC is not applicable to external projector

Download Instructions: