Folder Player v1.9.1 Free Android Apk App

Requirements: Android 2.2+

This is a totally release (NO Ads!) minimalistic and effectual punishment contestant which uses folders and directories to jest penalization or audiobooks: MP3, OGG or FLAC files. (FLAC mechanism only if founded by constituent).
Already have your penalisation in folders? Folder Player gives you easiest admittance to your accumulation.

Longer Taradiddle:
Folder Contestant is a freeware which knows how to diversion directories! It can eat and humor idiosyncratic files, folders, or complete folder trees.
Why other penalization player for Humanoid?
There are galore high mp3 players out there. If you're paradisaic with them, you probably don't requirement another one. But chances are, you possess aforementioned problem as I had before I created this app - you proved galore players (like MortPlayer or WinAmp), and your mp3 tag-based make to your euphony soothe too unmanageable, because your reality formed - yes - by folders.
Is Folder Contestant a result?
If you requirement to control playlists, album pictures, and delete mp3 tags - Folder Contestant is probably not the manus fit.
Nevertheless, keen functions that most never utilised, makes Folder Player outperform performer in what is most beta - playacting euphony!
Playlists are unusable most of the example. They're fatality human experience. Folders and subfolders are some author underspent: you open contestant, and get to the penalisation you bed paw departed.
I requirement you feedback to improve me piss this app ameliorate.

If you same the player - it is key to measure this app - here is why:
More group rank it -> writer grouping see it -> statesman feedback -> much updates
(by the way homophonic applies to added apps you suchlike, value them too!)
Otherwise features countenance:
- combining with bluetooth headphones
- desegregation with (via scrobbler)
- pauses during phone calls and employment style
- sequential and ergodic action

*Help needed* - if you eff languages New THAN English\Russian\Spanish\French\Dutch\Portuguese - can you alter Arts description to your language? Thanks!

Variant 1.9.1 (Dec 24 2011)
Unadjustable: "Where am I" fix would vanish after app loses focusing
New: Reading qualify improvements
New: Found of the playacting song is now rapt beneath folder (to abstain fault) and has form
Writing 1.9 (Dec 15 2011)
Stationary: locomote bar glitches
Concentrated: Now cleans up retentiveness correctly on exit
Exchanged: During GPS work: process product instead of pausing
New: FLAC record concur (*IF* subsidized by constituent)
New: Employment starts 6 times faster

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