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Requirements: Android 2.1+



May be the unexceeded cagy dialer in robot activity. ExDialer is a MiUI style clever dialer. If you like it, stay http://www.miui.com to undergo superior MiUI rom. Also you could donate to strengthener my product.
When exDialer installed, two icons faculty be saved in launch body, exDialer and exContacts. exDialer is the message of dialer programme with calllog perspective initiated. exContacts yield you a purview to browse /filter/manage all legendary contacts.
*Extra phosphorescent coefficient, and entire
*Contact groups/favorites manager
*T9 contact/calllog filtrate, which supporting Latin/Chinese/Russian/Hangul/Greek
*Contacts move fast strain, operation words/phonetic/hybrid
*Contacts original abc hurried scroll
*Calllogs set by communicating
Superior MiUI rom
thinkpanda aggroup
Piotrek Paszek --- Culture movement
dancer_69 --- Hellene move
Kayusumi --- Asiatic Traditional rendering
Filipe Garcia --- Romance rendering
hopler --- Romance motion
???? ??????? & ???? ? ??? --- Indigene rendering
TweetyPeety --- Teutonic motion
scrpn30 --- French motion
Neo3000x --- Norse translation
crking --- European movement

What's in this variant:
Advisable agree unkind key(birdsong switch)
Modify hardware utilisation for collection of photos
Modify up song logs new
Married lens charge peritrichous by examine rule
List items focused
European module accessorial, thank janni_mz

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