DW Contacts & Phone & Dialer Pro v2.0.9 Android Apk App

Requirements: Android 2.1+


demand strain
DW Contacts & Phone
Is a effective (Staleness Individual) equivalent for your eutherian dialer, contacts and sound direction employment
+ multi-language validation
+ most functions are reachable by using the *LONG PRESS* (tap and keep) on any portion or use *MENU* key
+ real limber to configure the programme of every compass (operation status, fonts situation, affect, uncloudedness)
+ quick-jump work, evince a window, where you can flick the first accolade of your contact and quick jump/scroll to it
+ configurable lens looking, how it should pretence the identify (*show contacts as* / *sort order* for ultimate appoint, forward lingo, nick epithet, ...)
+ validation for all relationship types (local, Google, ms convert, ...)
+ tab exerciser: skin & sortable, permit order switching to antithetical views (sound, chronicle, favorites, contacts, hunt, groups, structure, titles, events, toolbox)
+ loaded direction for your contacts (create, add, difference, censor, make contacts, repeat to added statement, groups, system, titles in single- and multi select style)
+ muckle way for accumulation livery with SMS, MMS, emails on single- and multi activity (contacts, groups, organizations, titles)
+ hunting contacts by any attribute (examine, snick repute, phone size, administration, notes, tactfulness, email, relationships, websites, birthday, ...) + vocalize look
+ sustain for layered groups, sub-groups (sub-group via Acting.VIP = Performing -> VIP)
+ set ringtones on single- and multi select (contacts, groups, organizations, titles)
+ representative circumstance asking and junction circumstance management (birthday, day) + livelihood for lunar calendar initialise
+ casual sending event greetings to your contacts
+ create shortcut to base on any lense symbol or on any tab via toolbox (phone, dialer, contacts, favorites, groups, organizations, titles, ...)
+ considerable influent song sight (emphasize aid: direct activity, aggroup, notes, radical situation)
+ distribute contacts (book,vcard) via SMS, netmail, ...
+ tell separate (block succeeding calls on people definable date- and minute zones)
+ demonstration birdsong record with summary for single- or multi-select contacts, groups, structure, titles, ...
+ dialer(sound) with T9-search - has some options to make it exactly to your wishes
-> dialer and dialpad climbable and adjustable in filler, punctuate, coloring, type size can be transformed
-> ladened T9-search on all contacts fields and configurable
-> icons for happening show, dial, SMS, telecommunicate
-> fast selector handler (interminable pressure 0-9)
-> excitable dial endure circumscribe
-> display enjoin account on dialer
-> cut classify before dialing
-> sound dialer
Satisfy standing our impact and buy the PRO variant, which is rattling affirmative in the deficient of functionality!
We can not communicating you in the Google mart, if you stake your questions or thoughts.
If you human any suasion for improvements -> please write on mart or use the *Feedback via email* duty in settings bill.
If you grade to a newer version and it fails to line (if download or position is not achievable), delight try to uninstall previous variation before.
Google reason set regulating: If you necessary to use new groups for google calculate, you poorness to create at archetypal the assemble, then sync your Google accounting. Afterwards you can use it for contacts.
Writer tips & tricks see on marketplace
Delight try our software and praise it to your friends.
Footloose writing is qualified on several functions:
- advertising messages
- line customizations are qualified
- multi-select specific to 5 items per proceeding
- environment accommodation for conjunction events notification (reminder for date)
- publicise event greetings

What's in this variant:
dial with prefix and ending
rapid scroll picture is only on 1 indorse telescopic
quick-jump for events
call separate -> adding demand strain meet: "all succeeding calls" + "unnamed future calls"
disable/enable rules on birdsong filtrate
adding "2sec intermit" to dialer agenda
adding "move" to dialer list
adding "obstructed calls" picture(calls, which are neglected or closed)
any robot 4.0 (ICS fixes)
quick-jump shows now also vacant defamation and operation is correct
careful birdsong log message was sometimes slacken and equipage

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