Chord! (Guitar Chord Finder) v3.0.2 Apk App

Requirements: Android 1.6
Overview: Chord! is the last chord charts book you will ever need, and it plays them too!

You can hear how each diagram sounds by sweeping your finger across the strings. The diagrams are displayed in color and you can view stats about the current fingering.

You can also reverse search chords: Entering on a neck the fingering will give you instantaneously the possible names of the chord and you will then be able to explore possible variations.

Furthermore, it embeds a database of a 400 scales that you can plot on a neck in any tuning, or reverse search. It means that you can find the scales corresponding to the notes you enter on a neck.

You can also harmonize each scale with a total freedom on the parameters.

The database is shipped with a hundred of tunings for various instruments and you can add you own ones.

The app fully supports left handed instruments.

You can fine tune to your needs the chord search algorithm, like specifying the maximal number of fingers or fret span.

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