CatApplus -Auto categorization v1.2.2 Apk App

Requirements: Android 2.1+
Overview: Automatically categorize all your apps! No drag/buttons, really automatically !

CatApplus automatically categorizes all your apps !
It really works truly automatically...we repeat 'au-to-ma-ti-ca-lly', i.e. no need for buttons/drags/tabs/texts/inputs/creations ...simply automatically.
Give it a try, just launch CatApplus and obtain the screenshots provided here without doing anything !
Now, you will just browse your apps by categories, effortlessly ! A new amazing structure for your apps list ! More, we added, beside the native categories, two more special categories "Favorite apps" and "All games" to gather your apps for quick access.
Moreover, you can share/recommend, rate, bookmark, uninstall, hide apps ! You can also hide categories, launch desktop folders associated to categories (desktop shortcuts) to make things smarter and smarter..easier and easier !

So, CatApplus is an amazing app manager that can really automatically categorize all your apps ! You can check for yourself !

■ automatic categorization of all your applications into their native categories (32 categories available: see below)
■ update/reset categories + automatic update with newly installed or removed apps
■ manually change categories if you really want to (you can export/import these changes)
■ 2 themes: classic list or folders for categories (more compact)
■ custom color & free textures background + tiny icons of apps on top of the folder (folders theme)
■ fullscreen feature
■ share, bookmark, hide, uninstall apps
■ hide categories, hide apps
■ see details of an application and more info with web search feature
■ launch apps
■ launch a random app from a particular category (long click, then choose "random app")
■ all games are gathered under a new category "All Games", simple, isn't it ?
■ "Favorite apps" category at the top of the list
■ desktop shortcuts (folders to access the different categories: long press on homescreen/shortcut/choose catApplus)
■ manually set/modify apps categories (among available categories for the moment)
■ import/export the modifications for apps categories (if you update the database, just hit menu/manage apps/import to retrieve your manual categorizations !)

Apps that cannot be categorized are listed under "Uncategorized" category (these apps are not available on the official market).
If you want to reset completely the categories, hit menu/reset (you can import your manual categorization after this step).
What doesn't work:
-...mmmh, wait ...nothing for the moment !
Available categories (these are the native categories of the apps):
'Arcade & Action','Brain & Puzzle','Cards & Casino','Casual','Racing','Sports Games','Books & Reference','Business','Comics','Communication','Ed ucation','Entertainment','Finance','Health & Fitness','Libraries & Demo','Lifestyle','Media & Video','Medical','Music & Audio','News & Magazines','Personalization','Photography','Produc tivity','Shopping','Social','Sports','Tools','Tran sportation','Travel & Local','Weather'

How CatApplus works:
-it retrieves all your apps to launch the automatic categorization
-for each app, it retrieves its category from ErgSap Team server (our external database) (Internet permission)
-it stores this category in a local database in the application so that this information can be available for your offline use :-)
-applications icons are stored in the folder "ergsap/catapplus/ldpi" on your memory card for better performance, isn't it fast ? (SDCARD Permission)
♥ The app works fine on N1, Galaxy Tab, Nexus S, Galaxy S/S2 ...and 2.1/2.2/2.3 emulator. We cannot test on all phone models but if the application crashes on your phone, send us a report to be able to solve the problem.
-Q:Force close issue on Droid Bionic [Matt]
--A: We do not manage to reproduce FC error; send us a report when the app crashes (from FC message or CatLog or similar apps); what Android version ? Check connectivity/sdcard availability.

Download Instructions: