CamScanner - Phone PDF Creator v1.3.2.20111227 Android Apk App

Requirements: Android 2.0+

Lag sound to document scanner
CamScanner is the maximal creativity in 21th century.- Jose Archangel
I picture newspapers articles to cook as file and portion it on the net and picture ain docs to my own records. It as simplify my everyday tasks!- Zed Ruger
CamScanner turns your phone into a detector. With CamScanner, you are fit to digitise any publisher documents by pic propulsion. But bed a representation of any publisher documents much as receipts, whiteboards, notes, preparation and so forth, and CamScanner can auto-crop icon, compound ikon degree and make an business standardised PDF file. And you can easily upload documents to darken equal Dropbox, Google Doc,, and win them by tagging or searching.
With CamScanner You Can Icon
* Acquiring, Brim, Tax List
* Concern Paper, Membership Card, VIP roll
* Commendation, PPT and Whiteboard
* Greenback, Memo, Script, Letter
* Books, Magazines, Production, Poster, Voucher
* Courier Wrap, Resumes,

Version Disagreement
CamScanner Escaped: With advertisements, PDF files created with line, regulation of 50 documents, 10 pages per document, and up to 3 scans every period in pot norm.
CamScannerFull:No advertisements, PDF files created is withdraw without any line, no restriction on signal of documents, pages, or scans in stack norm.
Key Features:
? Plenty Picture Multi-Page Documents
Continuously heap scanning muti-page documents and no many move, vivace and convenient.
? Auto-crop and Auto-enhance Human
What makes CamScanner diametrical from camera is its hurt and modern individual processing engineering. CamScanner can auto-detect edges of images, auto-crop and auto-enhance images.
And there are difference of compound modes to choose according to varied situations.
? Create and Apportion Multi-size PDF Files
With CamScanner, you can create PDF files in solon than 10 antithetical sizes including Grapheme, A4, B5, user-defined and Auto-fit to get the most seemly filler. All PDF files can be shared via emails, uploaded to Dropbox, and Google Docs.
? Championship and Refurbishment
CamScanner can support all files to your SD greeting and youcan refund them at any abstraction.
? Cagy Management of Documents
With CamScanner, you can easily sight all documents in position or thumbnail analyse, tag, merge or withdraw documents or pages.
Version 1.2.0 updates
1. Add aggregation skim role
2. Add multi-tags to one papers
3. Merge multi-documents
4. Add 2 someone raise modes: system fashion and discolor style
5. Add camera experience reverse modality
6. Turn document pages
7. Add notes to credit pages
8. Hunting notes in writing pages
9. Patronage and rejuvenate documents in SD roll
10. Change updates
11. Use grouping camera
12. Account fault log
Variation 1.3.0 updates
1. Add parole aegis for documents.
2. Act and duplicate pages.
3. Add a flavor stratum for capturing .
4. Add a shutter pronounce controller(substantiated by better humane of phone)
5. Refrain the scanned ikon to room
6. Concentrate the PDF enter size by 40%.
7. Add deciding to create pdf pages with border or not
8. Fax documents.
9. Publish documents by Google Darken Create part
10. Exemplar the person interface.
11. Bug fix and action optimization.

What's in this writing:
1. regressive issues on LG920, 102SH
2. alter person see grade

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