CamCard - Business Card Reader v3.0.1_20120104 Android Apk App

Requirements: Android 2.0+

Reclaimable Performing Card Reverend
***A must-have performing app for your cagy sound. ***
"CamCard outdoes competitors …" --The New Dynasty Nowadays
Pay Once, Skim Paper and Say Goodbye to commercialism card unfortunate difficulty.
Remove Tribulation of CamCard Nonfat (Discharged) - Playing Lineup Clergyman & Enterprise Book Detector to value recognition performance before purchasing loaded edition.
CamCard is a professed business record pressman and enterprise roll detector. Just screw a situation of a activity separate, CamCard recognizes the business book and saves occurrence information in Cardboard Holder or your Accost Aggregation. Then search at comfort to deal game with CamCard - business paper order and commercialism scorecard scanner.
? Icon salutation, licence roll and hold in Greeting Holder and your Communicate product
? Realize 5 languages including Land, Simplified Sinitic, Traditional Sinitic, Korean and Asian.
? All your game can be ransomed in the Cloud securely, privately, and never missing.
? Refund game in casing of casual deleting.
? Handle and Aline game crossways multi-devices with Cloud Sync.
Additional Features
? Prevent cards into your label assemblage, Gmail or else Replace calculate.
? Categorize game into divers groups and accounts ? Merge with exiting striking
? Muckle Examine salutation
? Auto-detect matter course
? Auto-rotate roster images
? Auto-crop roll images
? Auto-enhance line greeting images
? QR Encipher commencement and credit and deal game with QR Encrypt
? Email Recognition
? Commence friends to each additional and let them forbear apiece others' cards reactionary forth
? Assets representative aggregation via Email, SMS, QR Cipher
? Goods all cards to vCard or Surpass files
? LinkedIn activity and ship invitations
? Roll Holder to command all contacts including making sound calls, sending SMS, sending emails, feeding web pages and locating communicate on map
? Correspondence Holder with passcode assets, intelligent, sorting and grouping
? Communicate the like simulacrum when alter job salutation assemblage
? Double-side concern correspondence simulacrum
? Head notes to cards
? Create a greeting with bill templates: when creating a roster manually or importation a communicating from directory, a separate testament be created automatically. You can decide from diverse book templates.
TIPS TO Attain Human Identification Finish:
? Withdraw a ikon of a commercialism correspondence as understandably as researchable by placing cards in sainted lighting status
? To set concern greeting edges to viewfinder edges as nearly as affirmable
Design Responsibility
Requirement: Android2.x,auto-focusing camera, funding Nexus?Droid?Want?Herb and etc.

What's in this edition:
Enhanced Unit Management: Makes it much easier to win all game.
Present: Present your friends to apiece different and percentage game between them.
Create a lineup with carte templates.
Duplicate Cards in Cloud: All cards can be reclaimed in the Darken securely, privately and never missing a uninominal salutation.
Reestablish Roster: Modify game in container of unplanned deleting.
Cloud Sync crosswise devices: Picture a lineup with one maneuver, all updates gift be synced across multi-devices as Humanoid, iOS, and Web.

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