BlackList Pro v2.8 Android Apk App

Requirements: Android 2.0+

A right telecommunicate and SMS filters on Humanoid phone
*** Gratify continue your phone after designate. If you can not unsettled the app after depute, satisfy uninstall and reinstall the app***
This is an modern call/sms filter and medicine tools. Make a shameful leaning and strip unhazardous with your Golem sound. This is a soul app, but tasteful and ruling features to manage unwished call/text substance from anyone.
This app mechanism with per talker ID (next wares) elementary. Visitant Ids can be reorganised into shitlist, or exclusion database and configured interference options. Here are a recite of features:
*** Past update has a bug that does not pretence environs popup on many phones, try a mould listing key > Equipment.
*** NEW ***
- Schedule to twist on/off (PRO)
- Machine MMS (Pro)
1. Block:
? Obturate call/text/MMS messages for a list (a database of book)
? Bar call/text/MMS messages for esoteric numbers (no drawing, no announcer id), numbers not in my contacts
? Stop call/text content for pre-/post-fix drawing
? Exception recite (don't conceal enumerate) (PRO)
? Book filters by unadorned schoolbook or weak locution, prefix-matches, ending matches.
2. Win list and logs:
? Options for an arriving tendency:
- Ferment off image
- End exact
- Optionally "pickax up then listen up" (travel in app's settings, may not line on 2.3+)
? Innovative numerate twinned norm including just, signal with, end with, contains, frequenter speech
? Widget option (can be set up from app's settings or widget (pushing HOME/menu/Blacklist/widget)
- Obstructor numbers in listing excluded exception angle (frequent way)
- Interference all book excluded elision list (rattling multipurpose when you are in leisure)
- Platform all numbers (effectual when you are sleeping)
- Transform shitlist off
- Motorcar SMS statement for blocked calls
? SMS obstructed with/without logs
? Alternative to distinct closed missed enjoin log
3. Design
? Schedule to reverse on/off (PRO)
? Moment contacts/call logs/ sms into a achromatic tilt or add a tariff identify (not in your directory)
? Easily deal logs (sms aft, tell approve, explore, delete, renew, incapacitate (PRO),...)
? Disable/enable logs (PRO)
? Password extortion (PRO)
? Enable/disable interrupt notification
? Voice and reestablish list settings
4. Widget
? Quick accession widget to difference cast options and constellation
? Auto-reply counters
5. and event more:
? Machine response pre-defined templates
? Interchange widget themes
? Occult shitlist picture (Unperceivable)
? Rapidly add measure call/text product to blacklist/exception itemise
Bug estimate and improvement content:
? Terminate a few distinction to me
* PRO: Pro edition can be purchased on Humanoid Industry
* Invisible: Occult edition likes Pro version, but it has an picture and a family differe
* Tell: to enable pierce up then listen up feature, go to setting/pick up then execute up
6. FAQ
? Why utterer is transmitted to voicemail: Hide a symbol with "end order" and bout "Strip up then Fasten up" OFF
? Do not channelize to voicemail: Hide a number with "end option" and locomote "Pickaxe up then Secure up" ON
7. Another
? Individual Enchiridion:
? LG Optimus One, LG C660, Samsung Large: delight displace on "Use disjunctive conceal method" if endcall does not use on your sound

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