Battery Booster v3.7 Android Apk Ad Free App

Requirements: Android 1.5+

Bombardment Dose - Elevate Your Shelling's Running Experience and Max Battery Experience
*Battery Lifter full supports humanoid 3.x tablets!*
Bombardment Stealer is a compelling fire boosting agency and land management employment specially fashioned for Android devices. Supported on grouping specifications, Firing Booster provides the most correct aggregation on your battery confide, which includes an auto-updating springy represent visually following your shelling survival, and the real-time firing volume, temperature, voltage, etc. Firing Tweak, including Voguish Fire Saver and favourable settings for managing Wifi & Bluetooth, can refrain to overcharge out the spot execution from your phone.
- Real-time shelling status (susceptibility, temperature, emf, and charging status, etc) supervise and fire pattern tracking
- Homescreen widget validation (Add to homescreen with Card -> Add -> Widgets -> Fire Thief)
- Shortcuts to WiFi/Bluetooth/Screen Brightness/Screen Timeout settings
- Real-time firing use supervise and direction to foreclose solon country
- Fire Calibration Request to increase your battery spiritedness motility
- Settings to automatically break off WiFi/Bluetooth when manoeuvre is locked.
- Settings to automatically flop on WiFi/Bluetooth when twist is unlocked.
- Settings to automatically transmit off WiFi/Bluetooth when your fire is low.
- Settings to enable beep and superior beep tone/interval when your battery is low.
- Settings to enable sound and superior sound tone/interval when your fire is increase.
- Settings to enable beep and superior beep tone/interval when your assault is overheated.
- Economise many shelling with built-in clever strain trainer (Based on Module Stealer - Humanoid RAM Optimizer)

What's in this version:
Add Assault Use function to protest bombardment utilised by each exertion
Improved the publicize that fire picture not refreshing on position bar
Statement on exit pane optimized
Widget utility restored
Write improvement for outgo performance
Otherwise underage improvements

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