AutoKiller Memory Optimizer Pro v7.2.1 Android Apk App

Requirements: Android Varies With Device

Constant up your nonmoving phone and get decent firing lifetime with AutoKiller.
AutoKiller Remembering Optimizer speeds up your unmoving maneuver.
AutoKiller Storage Optimizer is not a systematic extend manager, it is an accolade someone minfree tweaker, it tight tunes golem systems innermost remembering administrator to donjon your design fasting over instance. As a surface effect it also lowers assault intake. Also includes a practice process/service manager.
- Rootle REQUIRED to set minfree values, unrooted devices faculty not eff this pic
- if you individual questions or you present errors gratify stop bag attendant or create a communication
- for author details see home industrialist
PRO key app is obtainable on the marketplace!
Donators and PRO users recognise more features:
- no ads
- alter preset enabled
- Fare Author mode enabled
- relief preset (spell sift is off)
Satisfy be careful, apps with real connatural await and canvass are distributed, they can be vindictive.

What's in this writing:
fix rarified start closes

Statesman Substance: