Animated Widget Contact Pro v1.5.2 Android Apk App

Requirements: Android 2.1+

Choice apps launcher. You can add any frequently utilized apps to meet widget and signaling those apps 2 clicks. You can Forbid type on your abode covering.
Aggroup items according to labels and create full customizable folders and widgets. You can make your apps.
Features in evolution: Widgets for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Luminousness, GPS, Auto-sync, Cover Ever On, Warplane Modality, Vibration/Silent, Bombardment Indicator, Flashlight, Auto-Screen Interlace, GPRS, Progress, 3G, 4G Toggle and additional functions.

Keywords: revived, automaton, widget, lense, quick selector, telephone, immobile selector, intensify dial, intelligent dialer, favourite junction, image telephone, picture contacts, telecommunicate, toggle, switch, Folder Thinker, circlelauncher, Apps Organizer, move device, Stylish Shortcuts

Past changes:
+ New write of widgets - "Bookmarks device".
+ New beingness to exhibit widget titles and route labels with semitransparent view. New travail settings constant: "Showing labels with accent".
Regressive bug that leads to radical contacts hitting on whatever devices.
Backup/resore dialogs was prefabricated author consultatory.
+ Alternative to set usance enter names for backups.
+ Choice to interchange duplication folder in Cure Settings, see parameter "Folder to fund backups".

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