ALTDRAWER 0.7.1 Apk App

Requirements: Android 1.6+
Overview: It's an alternative app drawer (launcher independent) in which you can choose between GRID view (default on all launchers), LIST view (WP7 like) or HORIZONTAL PAGED view (iPhone like). Perfect for people who doesn't have a drawer, like MIUI users, but avaiable for everyone who wants an highly customizable drawer: you can change any option you want

0.7.1 - 30/07/11
Check for new version in Settings.
Backup and restore preferences
+ and - buttons in slide bar preferences
[FIX] Helvetica font changed because typo issues
Batch/Multi-select for hiding, editing and uninstalling apps
Fixed misplaced wallpaper and added live wallpaper support.
Added french, greek, italian and dutch translations (Thanks to Tydi, dancer_69, tiwiz and Duncank)
App list loads at boot in background (Enable from settings)
(BETA. Maybe some apps won't appear listed because they loaded after AltDrawer started, for example if they were installed in sd card, so you have to click "Refresh" after SD mounted)
0.6.1 - 22/07/11
New icon (Thanks to ebbinger_413!)
Edit name and/or icon of an app
Sort by name, most used and installation date
[FIX] Some little bugs
First try to close the drawer after opening an app
0.5.1 - 16/07/11
Horizontal paged scroll
SHOULD stay in memory
[FIX] Bug on create shortcut
Option to low-quality background (improves scrolling)
Custom font type (to install a new font, put it into /sdcard/AltDrawer/fonts)
Other little fixes and changes and dont' remember
[FIX] Home button issue from 0.5
0.4 - 11/07/11
Option to remember or not, last list position
[FIX] Finally, I hope, all the apps opens correctly.
Improved scrolling
[FIX] Font size not changing bug.
[FIX] Menu button available for Honeycomb tablets.
Home button at right when device in landscape (perfect for tablets)
Hide apps function available
No longer need to refresh when an app is installed/uninstalled

0.3.2 - 07/07/11
Added version info in settings
Added german translation (Thanks to frysee)
Improved speed when rotating screen
Screen orientation: by sensor, always portrait or always landscape
Change background (image/wallpaper) transparency
[FIX] Home button position setting (center, left, right)
[FIX] Big resolution problems
Improved general speed (first loading and launching apps)
Hardware acceleration enabled (Honeycomb tablets)
The drawer does not closes when opening an application
Other little changes

0.2 - 06/07/11
Now the drawer closes when open an app
Fullscreen mode (hides status bar)
Change home button position: bottom, top, left or right
[FIX] When uninstall an app, drawer refreshes
[FIX] Some spanish translations

0.1 - 04/07/11 (First release)
List view
Grid view
Uninstall app from drawer
Create shortcut for any app
Portrait or landscape mode
Change row spacing
Number of columns on grid view
Font color
Font and icon size
Background (color, image or wallpaper)
Show 'Home button' or not
When Multi-select and edit icons, the icon in preview dialog does not change, but don't worry, when you Accept, the icon will be changed in app list
IDEAS FROM ME AND USERS (Maybe coming soon, maybe not):
New animations
Icon background
Icon themes
Search/Filter function
Option to act as a launcher
German (frysee)
Greek (dancer_69)
French (Tydi)
Italian (tiwiz)
Dutch (Duncank)
And, finally, the apk. It's free and full. Not ads, not lite version

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