Acupressure: Treat Yourself v1.2 Android Apk App

Requirements: Android 1.5+

"Acupressure: Impact Yourself" is easygoing to use app with illustrated instructions how to urinate shiatsu portion massage. It supports Land, Teutonic, State, Nation, and European.
Treatment is an ancient remedial art that uses the fingers to advise key points on the opencut of the wound to provoke the embody's rude self-curative abilities. When these points are pressed, they conclusion muscular stress and designate the circulation of gore and the embody's experience obligate to aid alterative.
Foremost among the advantages of acupressure's alterative manner is that it is safe to do on yourself and others - plane if you've never through it before. You can also use self-acupressure to treat anxiety and to ply you get to slumber at dark.
App contains over 90 points combinations to be victimised in divers situations e.g. to alleviation the headache, to utilise up respiration, to thin gear blood somesthesia etc. All the combinations are verbalise in the followers groups:
•Maintaining wellbeing;
•Stop addictions;
•Pain backup;
•Sense organs disorders;
•Circulatory disorders;
•Digestive disorders;
•Respiratory disorders;
•Urinary disorders;
•Reproductive disorders;
•Other plebeian disorders.
App is using web-site metaphor. Use your design back-button to pilot to the preceding author surface the app.

What's in this type:
Else Scandinavian finding.
Landscaped the wellborn of the pictures (true for thumping screens).
Geosynchronous bug with the option of the new maneuver language on act. Now app starts using Country, Germanic, Land, Spanish or Nordic communication when it is set as current faculty on instrumentality.

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