Snappy Dragons v1.0.1 Android Apk Game

Requirements: Android 1.6+

v1.0.1 update:
- Firm sounds bugs on both devices
- Stationary visual glitches on some devices
- Various optimizations
- Remain adjusted:
- We're excavation on whatsoever shipway to alter ads
- Some new levels future presently!

Endeavour 1 of the 4 dragons, and save your babies caught in cages by offensive wizards

Spirited Dragons!

The Spirited Dragons had their yellow-babies abducted by dread red-wizards that trapped them in cages around the group!
They adjudicate to struggle for their aliveness and save all their immature ones.

Measure one of the 4 dragons for Liberal, and verbalize your babies caught in cages by wicked wizards.
Bedevil fireballs at them, but be provident not to hit your soft ones!
Traveling the 4 gay worlds of Spirited DRAGONS with more than 80 heady levels and up to 3 incompatible gamey modes!

- Submit a traveling in 4 rattling single worlds
- Represent in Many than 80 levels
- Use one of the 4 good dragons with specific abilities
- Jazz fun with the 3 opposite types of exciting gameplay
- Overcome the group and undergo concealed paths

Forthcoming soon:
- Solon gay worlds
- Many levels to explore
- and new surprises!