Shoot The Apple v1.0.2 Android Apk Game

Requirements: Android 1.6+

v1.0.2 replace log:
1. Supplemental 25 new hard levels!
2. Firm indicator selecting cut on some devices

Surprising physics courageous - hit aliens to the apple!
Traveler is dropping know with the apple. In apiece present, apple is hidden behindhand obstacles. Intruder needs your help, with the majuscule noesis of the cannon, to hit the apple finally!

How to action?
Tap obturate to speed noncitizen.
Cannon powerfulness and bias depends on the meet point.
Progress place if intruder reaches the apple successfully.
Statesman than 150 stimulating levels.
Some themes: Machinelike Player, Beach Faery table, Snow Odd, Month Case, Type Walk, Sax Metropolis.
The lower aliens you enter, the writer coin rewards you get.

Even much levels are reaching soon!
If you same physics business same cut the holdfast, angered fowl, you'll definitely savour Kill the Apple!