Patrick Frei PhoNetInfo v3.04(1) Symbian S^3 Unsigned Retail App

Requirements: Symbian S^3 OS

[size=+3]PhoNetInfo v3.4.1 retrieves elaborate sound and

material aggregation specified as:

- Code edition;


- SIM salutation and battery position;


- MAC, MTU and pace;

- Bluetooth MAC and emblem assort;

- System norm, institute, capability,

- (cadre) ID and land cypher;

- CPU locomote, identify and architecture;

- RAM and ROM;

- Runningtasks;

- MMC & SD Roster;

- Financed camera formats.

.... etc....

All message can be found to a record.

Changelog v3.4.1:

Fixes, changes and additions:

Pandemic tab:

--> Stationary bug in storage CID collection symbol that caused the program to not get under definite circumstances[/size]