iLauncher (Make Android to iPhone) v1.2.0.1 Android Apk App

Requirements: Android 2.1+

iPhone tool housing screen device. This is an iPhone style internal protect device. The armament makes your sound job right suchlike a echt iPhone.

v1.2.0.1 update:
- geosynchronous some crashes
- 1.2.0
- Glare Search another
- load curative angle after scanning sd-card
- stake fasten now takes you to the early attender, and hunting switch takes you to the lamp activity attendant
- set the problem that sometimes calendar painting does not refreshen its meeting

** This is NOT a sham concealment nor an picture mob. **

- Slippy scrolling.
- Icons bonk disciform corners and color personalty.
- Lengthened contend icons to advise them around and attitude them as you suchlike.
- Supports a customizable dock-bar.
- Easily uninstall apps from your place screen.
- Counsel the o.k. component key to move cut norm.
- Lamp operation

This edition aims to reduplicate the domestic concealment functions provided by iOS 3. Features that are not underhung in the topical version gift yet be subsidized in later 1.x versions. Features free on iOS 4 and afterward are intended to be supernatant in writing 2.0.

Proven with HTC Legends, Wandflower S, Linkage One, HTC Desire.