FIFA 12 Available for Free Download on Xperia Play

Football gaming fans worldwide got happier now for the Canadian EA game company has finally released the much expected consecutive series of popular football game FIFA for the Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY.The new version is labeled FIFA 12 (the previous one was FIFA 10) and will be available until February 2012 for downloading (1.5 GB in size) from EA's storethrough the game launcher that comes with the Xperia Play. It is expected that other Android-based Xperia devices will also get official access to the game in due time.By the way, Wane Rooney and Jack Wilshere are portrayed in action on the game’s cover.

FIFA 12 comes with many improvements over its previous version: It givesincredibly real football experience, greater depth of gaming, live commentaries, more teams from top leagues worldwide, new replay options and stadium looks. Graphical representation is just amazing with new-style shadows, lighting, wonderful weather simulation, great background sounds, more real crowd movements and speech, better controls both for physical and display buttons, improved menus. Video streaming is very smooth with 60fps. But expertssay that the most significant difference is the game’s engine itself, which is now made completely adapted to the mobile platform.

This fantastic game has generated excitement not only among general public, but among professional footballers, too. Sony Ericsson is providing the game for testing to professional footballers both in the UK (Jack Wilshere, for example) and worldwide. Surely it is their opinion that would particularly interest Sony Erickson as to the effectiveness of improvements coming with this new edition.The game’s maximum similarity to reality is its attraction to those users who play footballnot only through gaming consoles and mobiles, but on the pitch as well.

It is certain the smartphone world is experiencing a major growth of mobile gaming popularity, which in its own turn can compel manufactures to produce stronger devices to host such popular games as FIFA 12.