Zombie City II v1.06 Android Apk Free Game

Requirements: Android 2.0+

ver 2,000,000 of downloads for God Municipality.
1 Cardinal people habitual to Spirit Port can't be mistaken.
? Account:
Exclusive you are the one survivor in the port that all died.
You tally to subsist from deceased who are trying to blast you, use your weapons and pops to termination the zombies.
What's new in Deity Municipality II:
- God Impress!
- Blackball enemies to Superpower UP!
- New Weapons

- Machine ruin add to blackball zombies
- Propulsion over the cliffs
- Keep multi signature
- Ending 20 enemies to POWER UP!
- Get props to modify weapons, much as airecraft, armour, laser gun

Gamy Includes:
- Circular set & superior
- Business constant decide
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