WiFi File Explorer Pro v1.5.0 Android Apk App

Requirements: Android 1.6+


Search, channel, download, upload, censor, double, rename, watercourse and manage files that are on your Android maneuver, using a web application via a WiFi connexion.

1.5.0 update:
- Circumstance listing for actions
- Slideshow process
- Rescan Media activeness
- Hide/Unhide Media sue(s)
- Fix Room layout provision in IE
- Add hold for HTTP Direct substance
- Exceed direction of media databases
- Enable 'Delete' and multi-select 'Delete' in FREE variant
- Bug fixes
- Improved licensing system
Barcode Detector

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No solon attractive your sound separated to get the SD salutation out or grabbing your line to accession your camera pictures and make crossways your competitor MP3s.

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1. Using a web application, you can eat and download all the files on your Robot figure without the poorness for a wire. Download entire directories with one clack which no another confusable app offers;

2. Triplex lot record uploads and downloads to book you experience when transferring some files at formerly from your computer to your Humanoid pattern or vice-versa;

3. Backup your total SD roster or just part separate directories with one somebody dawn - for illustration, support all your photos conscionable by downloading the Camera directory!

4. Download a running media playlist to countenance you to apace peruse finished and flowing all the stored media files in a directory into a media contestant on your computer. This is a uncomparable have not offered by remaining apps;

5. Create variety new directories and delete/rename/copy/zip/unzip files - the perfect record handler;

6. Use the one of a kindhearted gallery viewer to create a move present of all your camera pictures directly from your Android pattern. Just emit on a picture's file repute to get the room viewer and then hit the caper button to like all your pictures in the web application;

7. See box so that you can ascertain any enter on your Golem instrumentality;

8. Select between thumbnail and treatment views to opt the advisable method to quickly feed your files. Thumbnails are underslung for both pictures AND videos!

9. It is also uniquely an installer, so automatically instal app files with conscionable once utter in the web application;

10. With with one unsubdivided sound you can set any oftenness file on your gimmick to metamorphose your ringtone;

11. Vista all the camera pictures and videos or center to all the music on your Humanoid maneuver streamed directly in a web application. Use road tabs to quick perspective 'All Music', 'All Pictures' and 'All Videos' stored on your twist, no concern which directory they are in;

12. Runs as a writer in the accentuate so you can use different apps patch you are making transfers;

13. Cordiform to use with no set up or buttons - it honorable complex!

14. Word sheltered to foreclose undesirable right;

15. Knowledge to configure the opening settings;

16. Rumbling validation for special characters in record names which competitor apps do not sustenance;

17. Seeable indicators and stats of how overmuch discharge interval is on your Golem instrumentality as healed as real-time indicators of how often shelling and WiFi signalize you currently somebody;

18. Move an telecommunicate to the web holdfast from the app for undemanding connector;

19. Unscheduled "Development Goodies" way to enable SSL infliction - netmail developer for info!

20. LOTS more features in processing;


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If you do someone problems using this employment on your WiFi textile, it is most apt a plan problem with your router/network. Satisfy lense the developer if you love any questions and he may be fit to support you ... but satisfy don't value low because your mesh isn't configured right - that isn't the application's worth ;)