Virtual City Playground v1.2 Android Apk Game

Requirements: Android 2.1+

V1.2 update:
- Hallowe'en collection for 37 buildings in the gritty (35 decorations and 2 special Halloween buildings)
- Business screenshots of your metropolis on Facebook
- Get regular finance points for checking into the gamey
- Regular quests - so you e'er possess something to do in the game
- 35 new scenario quests
- 10 new decorations and buildings

Your lover Realistic City gameplay is now Unrestrained in Virtual Municipality Country!

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Your ducky Virtual Port gameplay is now Unhampered in Virtual Municipality Playground! Hit justified your most aspiring dreams a realism! Increase the metropolis of your dreams… and then run it.

• Playact plaything mode for Loose! No predefined missions.
• Over 85 new nonmandatory quests.
• Over 90 new buildings, landmarks, and decorations, including Technologist Tower, Statue of Leave, Coliseum, Sydney Theatre, and galore more!
• 95 New achievements to earn.
• Fixture People updates that testament change more noesis!
• Facebook integration.
• Minimized games remain transporting artifact - making you money, regularise patch you nap!

Create domicile houses and industrialized buildings. Display artefact and expel them to the shopping malls. Equipment mass-transit system to digest your citizens to places equivalent parks, cinemas and stadiums. Piddle your municipality a advisable site to lively by recycling scraps, adding hospitals and firing devotion, planting trees, and upgrading buildings to urinate them much eco-friendly. Make citizens happier by actuation striking open events. Succeed hold between key parameters of your success: Minute, Income, Surround, Accumulation, and Healthiness.
Tell: Uniform Unconstrained updates to the gamey, so download and strip tuned!

Gratify Commentary:
• The port lives regularize when you death. It earns you credits and healthiness modify when the line is minimized or unopen.
• Assure you acquire refuse trucks recycling, tech stations, sack stations and hospitals excavation to maximize credits.
• You don't possess to buy credits or doe or assets points - you can always checker backwards in a few hours instead.
• You can acquire seat points by bill to Facebook (Erstwhile per day) and for gaining new port steady.
• You can increase your life reconstruction by constructing landmarks.
• With a bigger municipality, the spunky burden outgrowth may bed many case, we are employed on sterilization it.
• We are transfer author improvements and updates to this gallinacean, download now and continue updated!
• If you same the freehanded scenario-based Realistic Port business play, we've got something arrival up for you as healed. Select our tidings!

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