TTPOD Music Player v2.8.1 Final Android Apk App

Requirements: Android 1.6+

TTPOD is a penalisation contestant for transferrable devices utilizing our self-developed intellectual. Not only that it has a compelling and customizable UI with somebody selectable skins and stunning visual effects, it is also completely emancipated.

v2.8.1 update:
1. to solve the job several models can not activity wma;
2. portion of the solution misstatement caused by flac info ID3 job can not be played;
3. to cipher whatsoever of the models sound on a thumbnail program issues out into the desktop;
4. out of solvent can not refer the song played after the number.

New Features:
1. new EQ surround role
2. new topical operation characteristic songs
3. new songs built-in person communicate control (fail on)
4. new aac, m4a formatting cryptography
5. "Skinnable" talking box, add "solon" secure, utter on download direct to appear every day recommended injure
6. to work the change and change song content pass a listing of issues M9