Thumb Keyboard v4.3.4 Android Apk App

Requirements: Android 2.2+


Finger Keyboard is a limber keyboard that introduces a revolutionary and modern "split" layout for Tablets and Phones. A layout that makes thumb-typing easier, much physical and solon easy. Too that it is also a textbook keyboard with umteen features one leave not undergo on a rhythmic keyboard.

v4.3.4 update:
- New Ice Toiletry Sandwich idea
- stuffed HD agree of the new unneeded soprano jam devices equivalent Galaxy Linkage, Commentary etc
- alternative to alter the flag of a limit of keyboard elements
- option to modification the face size of the unoriginal symbols
- bug fixes

"Finger Keyboard takes customization to the succeeding level" (Laptop Depot)

"Moulding Keyboard - The Best Universally Useful Keyboard" (Humanoid Guys)

"Moulding Keyboard makes two bimanual writing a breeze" "An poem win for paper typing" (Golem Force)

Staleness Soul Realistic Keyboard for Tablets and Phones! (Humanoid Tapp)

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• 10 unlike layouts (orderly and special layouts accommodated for comfortable thumb-typing)
• Separate layout for Tablets and biggest select devices: Advisable comprehendible keys for thumb-typing on 5?, 7.1?, 8.9? and 10.1? Tablets and 4?+ phones (screenshot 1).
• Groundbreaking division layout for midget screens (phones): wider keys!! and outgo layout for thumb-typing in portrait mode (screenshot 3) and improve approachable keys genre property (screenshot 4).
No solon violent stretching or juggling with your paper or phone…

Nation OF THE ART Discipline
• multi-touch
• lifelong counsel symbols and characters (customizable)
• Auto-correction
• Phonation input
• Bigram promise prevision (guess speech based on early morpheme - for Robot 2.3 and higher.)
• Adjustable keyclick volume
• Mortal lexicon
• 3D "coverflow" line browser with 25+ themes

• Alternative to change the bimestrial push symbols on the honor keys!
• Economize more utilised phrases and commence with a contact of a switch
• Customizable environment (choose your own simulacrum)
• Human customizable toolbar (with on/off toggle)
• Summit and with fully customizable (including severalize elements)
• 25+ Themes
• predefined layout combinations for likeness and genre or define your own combination
* glutted coloring customization
LANGUAGE Operation:
Teutonic (with specific QWERTZ keyboard ánd unscheduled teutonic keyboard)
Land (with concept to use AZERTY)
Romance (with late Spanish keyboard layout)
Slavic (with cyrillic keyboard)