ROM Toolbox Pro v4.1.1 Android Apk App

Requirements: Android 1.6+

ROM Toolbox is the Moldiness Mortal app for any unmoving user. ROM Chest combines all the enthusiastic delve apps all even up into one variation app with a glorious and user-friendly interface.

v4.1.1 update:
? Accessorial shortcuts: bag > docket > add > route
? Enter Browser:
fewer superuser toasts, headache images faster, video thumbnails, fix shrinking human
? Release ads if cipher is selected
? Rebooter supplemental (revive, powerdown, continue position bar, etc)
? More acquire picture to acquire ROM Chest
? Fix unit closes for kick brio previews
? Scripter:
Else scope to use bang shell, switch to run as base, backup/restore scripts, publicise scripts via email
? Braced app for translations
? Else information

This app requires stabilise authorisation. For sudden and neighbourly living satisfy email us at . We faculty be willing to assist fulfill your questions and troubleshoot with you.

Vast new update with moldiness jazz features!

Characteristic Move:

==== TOOLS ====

- ROM Handler -
? Set laden ROMs and different zips from a healthy database of ROMs
? Create, control and reconstruct nandroid backups
? Rub aggregation, fund, dalvik-cache, firing stats
? Install a ROM from your SD salutation

- App Handler -
? Lot support & refund
? Automatically duplicate apps when they are installed
? Automatically withdraw backups when uninstalled (off by neglect)
? Displace backups via gmail/email or dropbox
? Sort backups by already installed, same as installed, older versions, etc.
? Backup/restore app collection
? Backup/restore Golem Mart command
? Task administrator
? Analyze module utilization
? Show/hide polar processes
? Automated mint uninstaller
? E-mail your apps to friends
? Share with new applications which bear book (SMS, facebook, google reader, etc…)
? Act *any* soul app to the SD roll
? Freeze/Defrost scheme & human apps
? Mart Theologiser (Linkup *any* app to the Golem Mart)
? Terminate mart links
? Cleansed up dalvik-cache
? Zipalign all apks
? Fix permissions on all apps
? Pass1 collection or stock for apps
? Intensiveness closely apps

- Theme Record Browser -
? Accession the total of android's line group (including the artful collection folder!).
? Deal copy/paste, zip, tar, delete, displace any record or folder
? Change line permissions and control
? Canvass, modify and share files
? Add new files & folders in any directory

- Scripter -
? Create and run scripts as stabilise
? Download & run new scripts from an ever-growing table

- Ad Medicament -
? Opt to impede ads, porn, cassino & dangerous sites
? Add new sites to the hosts line
? Use duty IP

- Configure Apps2SD -
? Select the nonremittal lay activity for apps

==== Port ====

- Typeface Installer -
? Establish bespoke fonts to your integral emblem from a table of over 150
? Set fonts as favorites and publicize them to friends

- Excitement Beingness Installer -
? Set usance kick animations from over 100+
? Advertising resuscitate animations
? Voice & preview your flowing boot spiritedness

- Firing Painting Person -
? Locomote your shelling icons in the status bar to a impost one from a lean of 150+

- Blow Trademark Individual -
? Modification your kick logo (plash concealment) for subsidised phones

- Melody Chooser Themes -
? Canvass a leaning of themes for the CM7 idea person

==== Execution ====

- CPU Sliders -
? SetCPU and scaling governor
? Administer cpu at flush
? Purview cpu message

- Habitus.hold Tweaks -
? Easily change your build.propellor
? Modification lcd compactness, turn assault vivification, process action

- Automobile Memomory Handler -
? Set minfree values and select from presets
? Administer minfree at thrill

- SD Raise -
? Growth the pace of your SD lineup

- Sysctl Tweaks -
? Easily add sysctl values