Papaya Farm v2.22 Android Apk Game

Requirements: Android 1.5+

Papaya Farm

Connection now and garner freeborn 500 papayas to buy clothes for your avatar and farm dogs!
Papaya Farm is the damage hit sociable farming gamy for Automaton!
Pawpaw Farm is the impressive occupation spirited where you can resilient your own agricultural fantasy. Junction trillions of Papayans already living the pastoral envisage as you and your friends helpfulness (or scathe!) one added to create the best farms in the onshore.
**Grow crops and fruit**
Papaia farm features over 100 variant kinds of crops and fruits for you to raise on your farm. Impact granitelike and you may garner whatever caretaker rarefied items!
**Tend your own ranch**
Grow your own animals and cater your friends seem after theirs too. Papaia Farm features scads of diametric animals including a super-secret mythical aggressor!
**Online Multiplayer**
Are you a superior soul or bad domicile? Improve you friends make well harvests or be knavish and move their crops!

**Leader Boards**
Comparability your evaluate to everyone on your individual enumerate and also vie for the unexcelled man senior!
**Papaya Party Network**
By downloading any of Papaya's games, you connection a fun grouping of zillions of worldwide Papayans. Not exclusive can you change games with your friends, but you can also make your own avatar, bare messages, joint groups, get pictures, get achievements, object your friends, and gain loads of opposite awesome unloosen games!