Panecal Scientific Calculator v2.0.0 Android Apk App

Requirements: Android 2.1+

Technological estimator with multi-line instruction consider.
A multiline technological estimator which can sign a numerical expression.

* Re-edit the quantitative direction by ? key.
* A quivering and orangeness vividness key signaling verification. You can modify the ambiance length in ALT+Setup.
* Arithmetic, trigonometric, inverse trigonometric, function, logarithmic use, quality, cause rootle serve, factorial, and corresponds to the univocal view operations.
* DEG, RAD, GRAD norm.
* FloatPt, Fix, Sci, Eng style.
* BS key, DEL key, INS key.

[fitting of the key emplacement]
In the example of new beginning, the Panecal adjusts key activity fit for the declaration of the smartphone automatically. When it doesn't fit keys in the sort, you can alter the key locating automatically by dynamic parameter Border use key=0, Profits ten key=0. In constituent, you can set keys emplacement inputting any amount into these parameters.

[scheme surround]
Many than Automaton OS 2.1
More than deciding HVGA(480 *320)

Panecal is spread on Humanoid marketplace only.
Illegal to redistribute the APK file that is obtained illegally.

Casualty caused by the use of this software, the communicator also claims ruined profits or any ordinal company not acquire any obligation, Delight notation.