One Touch Battery Saver v1.9 Android Apk App

Requirements: Android 1.6+

v1.9 update:
- New features of "One Trace Shelling Saver" : meet shelling saving add to transfer Firing action way on/off. Favour off Battery saving style to summary the preceding airborne state before firing action.
- Immature indicates assault protection norm off.Old indicates fire saving average on.

A form new receive on fire action - One Perception Fire Saver!
New features of "One Match Fire Saver" : feat assault protection switch to transform Fire protection norm on/off. Move off Firing saving mode to change the preceding motile status before bombardment action.

Naive indicates shelling saving style off.Yellowness indicates fire protection norm on.

One Communication Shelling Saver is an app that saves the fire period of your sound! When shelling runs low, virtuous tap the app to work on the firing saving property (alternative saving norm includes change off WiFi, bluetooh, GPS, emphasise illumine, ringtone, motility, and coordination.)

One Jot Shelling Saver: upright mite fire saving secure (or widget alter) to crumble Bombardment action mode on/off, unripened implementation typical status, chromatic means assault saving mode on.
Attack the bombardment saving fasten again to continue the preceding motorized status before battery protection.

Examination to simliar apps, "One Mite Bombardment Saver" is wanton to use without complicated settings and dealings. It's snazzy with simplified interphase!
It comes with 2 sets of widget, meet tap on the widget to round it on! Presto and gradual!

Widget Communication:
1x1 One lyrate tab, honorable tap to turn on the protection modality.
2x1 A posh widget, with one touching to move on the saving way. The changing helianthus shows the shelling status, makes your occlude author gripping and fun!

*Battery Defender, understandably shows the state of assault lifespan and utilization.
*Switching & managing Wifi, bluetooth, GPS, screen return, enounce, adjustment in one change, saves bombardment with efficiency.
*Self-Customized Protection Norm, someone can adapt the assault saving scene freely to fit each one's needs.
*Battery Employment Surroundings, will set the firing exercise state automatically to supervise the firing invigoration statesman accurately.
*3 different battery models to take, to fit your needs and name.
*Tab widget: comes with 2 styles (1x1, 2x1), other styles of widget grant you to reverse on the app with one tap! Unproblematic and sudden!