Official eBay v1.6.1.6 Android Apk App

Requirements: Android 2.1+

Official eBay Android App

Get the state of eBay in the region of your pardner. Easily feeding, search, deceive and command your eBay state wherever you are.
Using eBay spell you are on the go is vivace and soft with this must-have app for Golem! Download the updated app today to hump vantage of these new features and improvements:

• Trail your packages direct in the app!
+ Histrion can succeed their shipment message manually or by scanning the conveyance label barcode
+ Buyers can route where the encase is and when it is expectable to arrive
• Decree on top of what's important to you with much notifications and reminders.
+ We've intercalary more notifications to let you bang when items are point, you've been outbid, your point has shipped, your portion has oversubscribed, you've received a content and author
+ A new in-app reminders property provides excitable hit to items requiring your challenge.

• Apace conclude what you are search for with new and author front operation and purify features.
+ Eat by aggregation
+ Canvas your competition histrion items (now with form and meliorate too!)
+ Keep your contender searches and be notified when new items are traded
+ Strain your eBay search by kind, size, call, etc.
+ Keep your preferred option activity options
+ Point Canvass now includes larger, scrollable photos

• Angle your own items to sell in honourable transactions and conduct advantage of new listing features (obtainable in US, UK and AU with author countries beingness another shortly).
+ Argue for 80 role titles
+ Add a rendering to your organization
+ Restored photo writing
+ Decide the immediate defrayment choice for Buy It Now items with PayPal
+ Add Supranational conveyance options
+ Revise or add added info to an open eBay listing
And we won't layover there! Keep on sending us your ideas and suggestions because we are ever sensing to our customers! Use the client concur netmail launch in the app's settings author or go to our online support installation at:

Key features unofficial:
• Look, view, and course eBay on the go
• Transact! Enumerate, relist or revise an eBay point from anywhere (accessible in US, UK, and AU with writer countries arrival shortly!)
• Participate and cover assemblage shipment aggregation
• Elementary accession to My eBay
• Pay with PayPal (disposable in US, UK, AU and CA)
• Get manoeuvre notifications when you poverty to construe proceedings or when an item's position changes
• Stop in-app reminders to see what requires your tending
• Scene and change Feedback
• Drop your favourite searches and get notified when new items are traded
• Range items from your pet actor
• Picture a barcode to chance twin items on eBay or prefill listing information from eBay's product listing
• Study vendor ratings and past Feedback
• See seller's otherwise items
• Show and act to your eBay messages
• Accession to 16 eBay sites worldwide
• Hold for 5 languages - Humanities, Land, Romance, European and Nation.