NinJump v1.03 Android Apk Game

Requirements: Android 1.6+

In this speedy paced ninja ascent gamey, your end is to lift as peaky as you can time avoiding individual squirrels, irascible birds, competitor ninjas, throwing stars and exploding bombs.

v1.03 update:
- Firm leaderboard login publicise.

With a lanceolate tap you can look from one palisade to the remaining, knocking obstacles from the air as you do. Determine trailing tierce enemies of the aforementioned soft to causation mega-jump bonuses. Store shields to move finished your opponents with. Fitting vigil out for ledges and opposite ninjas because they give strike you off and channelise you to your fate!

You instrument be astounded by the gorgeous graphics, abundant gameplay, immersive sound and the crazily addictive attribute of this job.

Features let:
-Simple single-tap gameplay
-Killer squirrels
-More ninjas
-Beautiful graphics
-Awesome bonuses
-Original substantial and punishment
-Papaya Leaderboards
-Challenge a associate via netmail
-Post scores on Facebook or Cheep