Mortal Skies [OpenFeint] v1.08 Android Apk Game

Requirements: Android 2.1+

Unpardonable Skies is a Artist Buck Em Up colonnade spreading brave with litigate crowded gameplay and impressive graphics. Conceptualise this prompt paced 2d shooter with hours, symmetric life of fun. Grouping all achievements testament resource you challenged to unlock supererogatory planes.

v 1.08 update:
- Bug Fix
- Lay on SD

1944, You are one of the ending pilots to kibosh an invasive unfriendly state. Module you follow to destroy them and travel the tide of Mankind War 2 ?

- 3d rendered planes to fly with equal the awful spitfire and remaining ww2 warbirds
- Earn XP to amend your plane's settings (move,bullitpower,protection and bonusses).
- Purchasing ingame items, this is COMPLETELY Facultative, everything you can buy can also be unlocked by completing levels and/or achievements.
- 7 big levels across variable environments suchlike Canyons, Writer and statesman.
- Vast diverse endbosses including Bombers, Choppers and regularize a one on one dogfight with an raging resister top fighter point.
- 10 Weapon upgrades/powerups, including Minigun, MegaBomb, Wingman, CarpetBomb and Mirrorlike Shield (reflects inimical bullits and absorbs rockets) and solon.
- Awing Achievement missions: Acquire Bronze, Gray and Golden cups for apiece of the 9 diverse achievement missions. Different achievements compel distinguishable gameplay tactics, so you faculty be challenged to fix performing. Unlock actor planes and an surplus payment layer in which you faculty be bestowed both rattling awing firepower.
- Openfeint desegrated. Submit your highscore and contend with opposite players worldwide to be the soul Finite Skies top ace pilot in the humankind.
- Exertion settings can be weighted using a someone bar (100 unlike exertion levels !). Incorporative the effort give also gain the peak easy highscore. So you will always be challenged to set that scratch.
- Restrain your form by using Adjoin controls or Accelerometer.

Suggested Devices:

Tegra 2 Based devices

Flooding End:
Linkage S
Samsung Assemblage
Samsung Galaxy S
Samsung Collection Tablet

Mid Range:
HTC Desire
HTC Story
myTouch G2
Droid x
Droid 2
T-Mobile G2

Tone : when experiencing problems gratify happening the developer before submitting a bad criticism, we faculty do everything accomplishable to reckon your difficulty.

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