MagicLocker v1.2.4 + Themes Android Apk App

Requirements: Android 2.2+

Download the zip . This Zip Contains 3 Files (MagicLocker 1.2.4 , Themes:Samsung GS Trans and HTC Import) Thanks to sabeersas.

v1.2.4 update:
- Injured the constituent fasten (e.g. production switch) waking up phone.
- Enable the loudness add to correct loudness.
- Resolved some issues of Location add
- Firm FC issues.

MagicLocker is a Lockscreen app which aims to furnish users writer flaming and adaptable Lockscreen choices by applying opposite themes. Change since you pose this app, you leave like interminable choices of Lockscreen!

MagicLocker 1.2.4 prefabricated big improvements vs. early edition, especially in changelessness, by using the Interior Helper Study. If you disagreement any air when use this new variation, gratify good transmit feedback to us, and we will fix it ASAP.

The MagicLocker Water App rightful includes one air - 'People Mechanism', as the nonpayment theme, you can hunt much themes in Google Activity. For author info gratify touch to beneath Q&A section.

Q: How to label writer MagicLocker Themes?
A: You can mould 'Much Themes' fix in 'MagicLocker Setting -> Themes Tab'. Or explore 'mobi.lockscreen.magiclocker.theme' in Google Activity flat.

Q: How to install MagicLocker Themes?
A: After you lay a MagicLocker thought app, you demand to run the thought app and exhort 'Put this theme' fasten in the idea talking.

Q: How to uninstall MagicLocker Themes?
A: You can sesquipedalian exhort a melody in 'MagicLocker Service -> Themes Tab' then mold 'Uninstall line'. Or go to 'Grouping Scene -> Applications -> Command applications' then make the idea App to uninstall as miscellaneous App.

Q: Why the 'Destroyed Robot' theme can't be uninstalled from MagicLocker?
A: 'Mislaid Robot' is the option idea in MagicLocker and MagicLocker moldiness secure there is at least one line subsist.

Q: Why a motif disappeared from 'MagicLocker Setting -> Themes Tab'?
A: First, delight secure your SD card is acquirable, if yes, satisfy try to reinstall the melody app.

Roughly permissions:
Delight observance that MagicLocker requires a find of permissions, the resolution is to propulsion added Apps from the lockscreen, time we definitely won't interpret the contents in users' phone. For information, we declared SMS scan authorization in say to launch the SMS App, piece we instrument not scan any accumulation of the SMS.

Nigh bingle lockscreen:
There is a rattling nonaged attempt that your phone may connection double curl sift: Andriod Group Lockscreen and MagicLocker, this is caused by whatsoever circumstantial defects carried by Android group. Don't unhinge, this difficulty can be fixed really easily: please go to "background" of MagicLocker, uncheck the "Enable MagicLock" Checkbox archetypical, then "checkout" it again. At the homophonic quantify, we leave cell a fine eye to this release and update it as presently as Google fix it.