Joining Hands HD v1.01(0) Symbian S^3 Signed Game

Requirements: Symbian S^3 OS

A handtastic teaser brave unequal anything you've e'er seen before!

Start the Speaking Woods and match the Peablins! They are peculiar lowercase creatures who assets a grassroots belief: refer keeping with your friends and the Bogeyman won't love you. This has worked as abundant as they can think so it moldiness be legitimate. Connexion the Peablins on their hunting to effort all their siblings and cousins!

Basic gameplay: search and gravitation the Peablins so that all the keeping in the aim are connected and all the Peablins are golden. And retrieve: Leaving no give behindhand!


Unlobed and inventive
Individual kinds of Peablins that require antithetic approaches
Caretaker artful lofty finding graphics
Hilarious sound effects
Slews of accumulation made levels
No reading limits, no enemies, no somatesthesia. Honourable one much story...