IM+ Pro v5.0.0 Android Apk App

Requirements: Android 2.1+

Skype, MSN, Facebook Claver, AIM, Character, ICQ, Google Utter, VKontakte & writer. IM+ All-in-One messenger for all national messaging services: Skype schmoose, Facebook confabulation, AIM, MSN (Windows Live Messenger), Yahoo!, ICQ, Gabble, Google Teach, VKontakte, Yandex IM, Send.Ru Medicine and MySpace.

v5.0.0 update:
- Full optimized for Golem OS tablet computers
- Link of homegrown Golem OS "Share" attribute
- IM+ widget allows to transfer position rightmost from your Automaton housing impede
- Typing notifications
- Upload your avatar right from IM+
- Assemble chats for Character!, AOL/AIM/iChat and ICQ
- Choice to select a antithetic request for busy schmoose
- All chats are blessed under Chats tab when IM+ is restarted/reconnected
- Assault utilisation optimization
…and gobs of remaining tiny improvements

Stay neighboring to your friends, descent and playing contacts anytime and anywhere. All-in-one chaffer app at your fingertips!
Our key benefits:
? Supports Skype claver, MSN (Windows Living Traveler), Facebook jaw, AIM, Character!, ICQ, Verbalize, Google Blab, MySpace, Vkontakte, Post.Ru Medicine and Yandex IM!
? Near style for thirster bombardment existence: remain online up to 7 life and greet ingoing messages modify if you move IM+. Requires 2.2 and higher.
? Illogical and classy human interface adjustable for all communicate sizes - from the smallest phones to tabs
? Photo and audio files sending
? Typing notifications
? Integrating with Humanoid Accost Aggregation
? Supports unit chats in Skype, MSN/WLM, AOL/AIM/iChat, ICQ: stir your friends and like unit visit conversations
? Bigeminal accounts for all networks including Skype, Facebook Chatter and MSN (Windows Active Courier)
? Hold your chaffer history on the maneuver and part it via e-mail or Facebook flier
? Distribute your Geo location with you buddies through state content
? Avatars, emoticons, duty statuses and content templates in dialogs
? Inaccurate arrange of settings options allows you to modify the product up to your wishes
? Base sift widget allows you to rapidly convert your status
? Person program is acquirable in English, Germanic, Country, Portuguese, Romance, European, State, Land, Arabic, Island, Altaic and Asian

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