Handcent SMS v3.9.9.8 Android Apk App

Requirements: Android 1.5+

The most nonclassical messaging app on the Robot Market, Handcent SMS is a strong, customizable, and discharge SMS/MMS app that fully unleashes the messaging possible of Android devices.

v3.9.9.8 update:
- Google geosynchronous handcent download finally
- Geosynchronous any lense didn't list
- Engorged concur Humanoid 4.0(Ice Toiletries Sandwich)
- Fix the voicemail support for running
- Faster object editing
- Update important exercise and Emoji plugin to concur iOS 5.0
- Unchangeable sms throw info for Motorola bionic

> Rich SMS and MMS sustain augmented with mismatched features supercharged by the Handcent scheme
> Coeducational spellchecking and additional content property tools
> Added security options afford you to watchword protect and skin various messages with the Privateness Box or assured all of your messages. These protections cover disregardless if they are viewed in Handcent SMS, the cravat Android messaging app, or any tierce lot applications!
> Reenforcement for writer than 20 languages and thriving as vessel as reinforcement for the varied messaging protocols of disparate countries
> Handcent's Junction Locator plugin helps you speedily ascertain your friends using GPS!
> Meet sending features competent of extending Android's SMS limitations of 100 messages per distance up to 1,100 messages per hour
> Nonmandatory SMS Popup asking and new asking customizations such as uncomparable asking sounds, waver patterns, backgrounds and themes for someone contacts
> Modify every vista of your Handcent SMS utilisation with unnumberable themes and skins visible for release download from the Handcent Material. New themes are added daily!
> Impersonator the unequalled messaging layouts of additional twist manufacturers such as HTC's Sentience, Motorola's Obscure, or even the iPhone!
> Blessing Warrantee powered by the Handcent cloth allows you to championship all your Handcent's settings, SMS messages and MMS messages to your My Handcent Online record and modify them if you reinstall Handcent or if you reset your instrumentality or advance to a new one.
> Handcent MMS+ allows you to circumvent Android's MMS limitations and channel up to 10 files at 25 megabytes each for a gross communication size of 250 megabytes! This means sharing higher lineament photos, videos, and sound!
> Surpass MMS connectedness and situation resizing that resolves Golem sympathy issues with many carriers specified as those in the UK
> Auto-splitting boast for messages over 160 characters for users on CDMA networks specified as Verizon Wireless
> Additional type packs to encourage change your SMS messages are gettable as downloadable plugins
> Introjected Blacklist movie with the ability to separate inpouring SMS and MMS messages by extraction and work block SPAM
> Control drafts and undelivered messages
> Schedule tasks to pass SMS and MMS messages at a unique clip or symmetrical intervals such as regular, weekly or monthly
> Rumbling sustenance for vCards allows you to send, recognise, commodity and export them with Handcent SMS
> Deal fair Handcent eCards with pedigree and friends to brand holidays, birthdays, etc.
> Transport and greet fun emoji icons and smileys to added Android Handcent users as rise as iPhone users. Erst account to the iPhone, this united article of Handcent SMS may now be enjoyed by Humanoid users. Additional emoji are forthcoming as unbound, downloadable plugins!
For assemblage, sustenance, or to care your account, gratify communicate http://www.handcent.com