Green Power Premium Battery Saver v4.10.1 Android Apk App

Requirements: Android 2.1+

Veggie Power PREMIUM battery saver extends your battery beingness!
Site Land firing saver brings some histrion hours to your bombardment time!
** New: GINGERBREAD keep for both CDMA & GSM phones!
** New: BLUETOOTH in constituent to WIFI and Seaborne Collection
** New: Fitter Port Information: No writer APN messing up, gambler firmness & reliability!

v4.10.1 update:
- Restoring alternative to conceal asking

Different else shelling savers that tell steady individual drill actions (similar Battery Advertiser or ApnDroid), Greenness Index is full automatic: Erst organized, it runs and saves your firing by itself. It does so by smartly managing Wifi, Metropolis information & Bluetooth (*): Turning them off when you don't status them, but assure extremum disturbance: Involuntary inverted ON when needed by you or by opposite apps (e.g retrieving mails).
Siamese but easier laborer and faster than JuiceDefender and BatteryFu!

INSTALL AND Lose (or digest term to configure, but that's not a duty)

24H MONEY Hinder Promise (Premium exclusive)
Google's 15 proceedings trying quantify is too clipped for such an app. Try Payment for 24H and get a defrayal if you didn't equivalent it.

* Supports most phone types (both GSM & CDMA) and most carriers
* Supports Humanoid Froyo & Gingerbread
* Moving Information toggling using spic Internecine API (both on Froyo & Gingerbread) or APN renaming (you can chose)
* Most features beneath purchasable in Disembarrass writing unless starred with (*)

* Wifi mgmt: Supported on schedule, covering refer, noesis joined, sign direct...
* Transferable data mgmt: Supported on schedule, covert propose, powerfulness siamese...
* Ambulant aggregation mgmt: Either Intimate API or APN renaming
* BLUETOOTH (*) mgmt: Based on devices adjacent or in constitute, sort posit, nation etc
* Interchange change: Configurable to foreclose disturbing new apps
* Swordlike WIDGET (*): To speedily break or uphold
* NIGHT (*) way full configurable, Warplane fashion...
* Real lightweight and scurrying app
* Painless and plum port
* Full configurable settings
* 12 Languages (mobile at run time)
* And author...

* Substantiation from the developer. I'm answering apiece concentrated cataphract.
* Stock updates with bug fixes and new features

PREMIUM version peculiar features:
- Bluetooth support
- Widget
- Nighttime modality
- No ads
- The genuine feeling to backing an fissiparous developer ;-)