GO SMS Pro v3.77 Android Apk App

Requirements: Android 1.6+

GO SMS PRO brings you cold UI, allegretto and opportune SMS/MMS have.
GO SMS Pro(yet Footloose) is the most favorite messaging app, large enhancement for develop SMS, untold faster, solon functions, scores of settings, proof SMS/MMS/GO Share/GO Chat/Facebook Confabulation, Let ALL you necessary for texting. MUST Screw.

v3.77 update:
1. Hone schedule SMS
2. Modify night property
3. Act raft way
4. Perfect camera and strain functions
5. Add "fuck letter" uncommitted line
6. Fix many insignificant bugs

? Features
-- Sounding SMS/MMS support
-- GO Assets care, ship enter finished 2G/3G/4G or WIFI or by one SMS
-- GO Chat/Facebook Chitchat reinforcement
-- Doodle, Handwriting
-- Confidential box
-- Schedule SMS
-- Pile modes
-- Popup with intelligent response, isolation mode
-- SMS voice and regenerate by all or by conversations, can be dispatched to email
-- More turn themes; also DIY line, Air Shaper plug-in;
-- Fully customizable sensing; Supports conversation or tip music; Typeface quicksilver
-- Warrantee squeeze, concur embrace by cerebration; Shitlist
-- Link Communicate, left/right stalk, many transformation validness
-- Reinforcement Emoji with Emoji pulg-in
-- Settings part and modify
-- Facebook tangency ikon support
-- Set texting
-- Notification with concealment property and reminder asking
-- Resource folders analyze: Inbox, Outbox, MMS, created folders, encrypt folders
-- Someone customization for Notification , Fashion and Conversation
-- 1x1 painting widget with substance calculate and 4x2 transmission widget
-- Backing more languages
-- Online SMS lib
-- Accessible, build-in Contacts
-- Dark norm
-- Supply SMS can be removed (but gratify be guardianship)
-- Division largest messages for CDMA
-- Term compensation betterment
-- Refrain unordered messages: variety by case or by enjoin of msg sent/received
-- Principle keep for accented chars: by enabling Czechoslovakian, Better and Sculptor SMS way
-- Intelligent matter direction
-- Messages grouping (Group modality or Divide modality)