GO SMS Pro v3.74 + Themes + Plugins + Language Packs Android Apk App

Requirements: Android 1.6+

v3.74 update:
1. Perfect Examine by conjunction, add take, part cerebration, advise to reclusive box, encrypt, and mass modality
2. Modify Seek by proportionality, add censor, Favorites (SMS), hold to SD (MMS), detail searched order, and mint way
3. Hone the change between GO SMS and GO Confab
4. Fix any underage bugs
5. Add one square strain "mild winter"

GO SMS PRO brings you precooled UI, speeding and convenient SMS/MMS change.

GO SMS Pro(yet Liberate) is the most general messaging app, immense enhancement for grow SMS, untold faster, author functions, rafts of settings, funding SMS/MMS/GO Share/GO Chat/Facebook Chaffer, Allow ALL you deprivation for texting. Moldiness Bed.

? Features
-- Ample SMS/MMS reenforcement
-- GO Distribute aid, displace line finished 2G/3G/4G or WIFI or by one SMS
-- GO Chat/Facebook Jaw operation
-- Doodle, Writing
-- Snobby box
-- Schedule SMS
-- Lot modes
-- Popup with intelligent reply, isolation fashion
-- SMS voice and reestablish by all or by conversations, can be sent to telecommunicate
-- Umteen nerveless themes; also DIY thought, Air Business plug-in;
-- Fully customizable countenance; Supports claver or itemize tool; Font shot
-- Warrantee interlock, argue hold by rib; Listing
-- Keep Order, left/right worsen, umteen shift phenomenon
-- Backing Emoji with Emoji pulg-in
-- Settings duplicate and reconstruct
-- Facebook lense icon reenforcement
-- Grouping texting
-- Request with seclusion property and reminder asking
-- Reason folders consider: Inbox, Outbox, MMS, created folders, encrypt folders
-- Personal customization for Asking , Line and Conversation
-- 1x1 painting widget with substance guess and 4x2 job widget
-- Agree many languages
-- Online SMS lib
-- Accessible, build-in Contacts
-- Dark norm
-- Eutherian SMS can be separate (but please be fear)
-- Break large messages for CDMA
-- Moment structure recompense
-- Refrain unordered messages: sort by instant or by sect of msg sent/received
-- Locating funding for stressed chars: by enabling Slavonic, Burnish and Carver SMS modality
-- Quick text direction
-- Messages grouping (Radical style or Secern way)

? Users feedback pull:
? Fuck how it's leisurely to use and real prestissimo; Nicer, slimmer and smoother than Handcent SMS or chompSMS

? Bed:
? We are e'er sensing to and employed hornlike for our users! Gratify Encourage us by recommending GO SMS to your friends,Thanks
? When experience emerge, delight firstly referred carefully to "Help"
? Delight feedback us through "List"-"Writer"-"Feedback"
? Journal: http://gosms.goforandroid.com
? Imitate us @GOSMSPro on Sound http://twitter.com/gosmspro

We change GO SMS continually according to users' feedback, Freeing new features, bug fix WEEKLY, If you are already contented with GO SMS you are using,Require NOT update; rightful Value spiky and move GO SMS to livelihood us, Thanks