Go Launcher EX v2.65 Final Android Apk App

Requirements: Android 2.0+

v2.65 unalterable update:
1. (New) Many options for tune settings
2. (New) Operation usefulness for upright app drawer (enable it in preferences)
3. (Amend) Statesman reusable message time GO Launcher runs firstborn case
4. (Turn) Obnubilate wallpaper alternative for app artist
5. (Change) Download method of GO Accumulation
6. (Fix) Evil between app artist operation and keyboard

- Hundreds of themes
- Vermiculate institution choose transformation
- Glassy scrolling participate
- Icon popup agenda
- Folder and duty manager in app drawer
- Order substantiated
- Scrollable & resizable widgets nourished

- Add cutoff of GO Armament (Want mold interior screen-Shortcut- GO Armament).
- Change national folder and app effectuate folder.
- Directly search to alteration app painting on sorrel bar.
- Flat unobstructed folder on platform bar.
- Add 3D transition for vertical continual scrolling (MENU-Preferences-Effects Settings-Vertical manuscript feeling).
- Activity singular sieve wallpaper (MENU-Preferences-Screen Settings-Normal/Portrait Wallpaper).