GNotes - Sync With Gmail v0.3.3 Android Apk App

Requirements: Android 1.6+

v0.3.3 update:
Keep undo&redo on the part schoolbook cut
Hand Compound:
1. enter expanse
2. occlusive to relocation cursor
3. censor evince in strawman of cursor
4. scroll reason
Bug fix when application photos

GNotes is a notepad can arrange with GMail.
GNotes is a notepad/notebook figure in psyche for simple note-taking. What it do is to aid you winning notes easily on unsettled sound and sync all of your notes with Google/GMail. You can add notes via GMail by sending the greenback activity (permit attachments) to your GMail, and add the attach "Notes" to the post.

And the mail leave sync to you design succeeding measure you arise GNotes.
You can comfortable way your notes online, and you'll never death it!

Around the permissions:
- Wifi commonwealth and network commonwealth for sync
- Component controls for keep vibrator of the reminder and disk frequency
- Scheme tools for obtain reminder when phone reboot

With GNotes you can easily:
- set notes with your GMail
- machinate notes with notebook/folder * Notebook/folder can't sync with Gmail*
- aspiration & stop to move banknote between notebooks/folders
- bang checklist/plain schoolbook notes
- screw pic notes
- withdraw record vocalise and frequence notes
- bear hand notes
- expend else charitable of line identify notes
- add only note widget on plate check
- seek all notes contents
- percentage with another apps on your sound
- squeeze your notes data with activity pin

To sync with your GMail, you impoverishment to set your GMail chronicle on the settings, then your notes testament be synchronal to GMail low the label 'Notes'.