Gallery Lock Pro v2.0 Android Apk App

Requirements: Android 2.2+

Pelt your seclusion pic/videos. Reclusiveness protecting remedy that hides individualist photo/video with countersign!

v2.0 update:
- ikon Circumvolve boast accessorial
- Hide your concealment pic/videos.

* Lineament
- Handle picture by folder.
- Supports photos and videos.
- Painless tie to existing room sweat
- Can hide the begin picture and run app by dialing
- Refined pattern
- pincode,imitate watchword supports.

* After checking that the Nonfat version to play right is recommended to get.

* Be desire to take fatless variant without unhiding all pics/video. If you do that, you leave forfeited pics/video.

* If app is crashing, so you can't unlawful it, espouse beneath steps to recoup it.
1) Uninstall Room Enclosure
2) Download Gallery Squeeze from the activity and pose it.
3) Go Environs in the program, Clink "Find/Recover Missing files"
4) absent files give be recovered to /mnt/sdcard/DCIM/recover
5) run Gallery Hair.

* When you forfeited pics/vids.
May be you uninstall without un-hiding pics/vids.
This effort absent files. I warned this chance on the note.
But, There is a solution. masses below steps.
1. Run Gallery Enclosure
2. Go Scope
3. Flick Return & Acquire Missing files.
4. Go recovery directory and get wanting files.