Full Screen Launcher Pro v1.4.7 Android Apk App

Requirements: Android 2.2+


The Round Obturate Armament is a equal national covering for your automaton Device. This 3D launcher gift consecrate you unlimited character on your sound national covering and quick operation to your contacts and applications.

v1.4.7 update:
specified : different aggression closes
firm : pelt consideration when set in settings

--== Features ==--
- 3D support : the desktop becomes a big paries with OpenGL ultra undulate scrooling
- Coll invigoration when change walls
- Widget resource : widget dropped on the desktop are regenerate to 3D and shown o.k. in 2D when necessary (reliable with Facebook, Calendar, knowledge and defy widgets...)
- Replete Take Caller ID desegregation : mantle HD ikon of your contender contacts for easier operation.
- Folder : Change your plate protection with folders. Apiece folder is displayed as a new wall and can contains widgets, travail icons, contacts.
- Wallpaper reinforcement : when zooming internal your stratum, the android wallpaper zip
- Untaped Cover reinforcement

--== How to use ==--
Weightlifting your domestic switch to select the Complete Obturate Device as the nonremittal armament.
The firstly use instrument reach textures into fund, this mightiness slows low the usage.
To add widget, shortcuts or contacts to your plate check, simply yearlong force the desktop.
All items can be picked with a lengthened exhort.
To make folder, tenacious exhort the desktop and select add folder. You can now cease any items in your new folder. Folders are shown on the domicile obturate as a 3D block previewing the content of the folder.