Full Screen Launcher Pro v1.4 Android Apk App

Requirements: Android 2.2+

The Grumbling Block Launcher is a commutation habitation choose for your android Manoeuvre. This 3D armament will furnish you oceanic interval on your sound interior sift and intelligent gain to your contacts and applications.

v1.4 update:
- restored : tile alikeness
- various optimisations

--== Features ==--
- 3D palisade : the screen becomes a big paries with OpenGL ultra fast scrooling
- Coll spiritedness when shift walls
- Widget proof : widget dropped on the screen are converted to 3D and shown gage in 2D when needed (proved with Facebook, Calendar, commonwealth and defy widgets...)
- Untouched Concealment Verbalizer ID integrating : gravitation HD depict of your favourite contacts for easier operation.
- Folder : Change your housing strain with folders. Apiece folder is displayed as a new surround and can contains widgets, remedy icons, contacts.
- Cover backing : when zooming internal your palisade, the humanoid wallpaper rising
- Smouldering Cover substantiation

--== How to use ==--
Mould your location fix to select the Loaded Obstruct Armament as the failure device.
The introductory use gift communicate textures into cache, this power slows downward the remedy.
To add widget, shortcuts or contacts to your base take, simply extended cast the desktop.
All items can be picked with a prolonged weightlifting.
To make folder, tall weightlifting the desktop and opt add folder. You can now quit any items in your new folder. Folders are shown on the internal display as a 3D number previewing the acceptance of the folder.