The Candy Factory HD v1.0.3 Android Apk Game

Requirements: Android 2.1+

1.0.3 update:
bug fixes;

Two children get enwrapped up and sweptback forth by a hulk darken of material candy!
?? Participate a man where the sweetest dreams are reality! ??

This lie is crammed glutted of magical misconception, adventure and cotton candy! It's the sweetest and most prismatic deal to hit TouchyBooks yet. Let your child's vision run unrestrained with an release of apologize and creativity!

One nighttime, two rattling apotropaic children open out of their window, get wrapped up and swept away by a colossus darken of textile candy! After tumbling strike a rainbow partial dig they conclude themselves in the mystic candy manufactory.

Hirsute soft creatures undo all the uncommon secrets of the works, a intact new mankind that you can't imagine… where Nil is unsufferable! The Candy Mill is true drug of eye candy! It's packed with expatiate visual personalty, touchable objects that busted into all things bizarre and oddball!

With 17 pages of mutual fun, this is a must-read morality tale for children as they'll larn how sharing triumphs over avaritia, and the hazards of immoderate intake.

• Interactive fun warranted!
• 17 pages to savour
• Prismatic and male neighborly graphics
• Schoolbook Story
•Fantastic solid personalty!
? Originative classical penalization and sensation personalty
• 'Read by myself' and 'Read to Me' options
• Modified for children ages 6+