Call Recorder - Total Recall v1.8.8 Android Apk App

Requirements: Android 1.6+

Telephony Recorder Utilization | Record Calls & Pronounce Notes Easily & Automatically! Enumerate Memory is a Ruling Telephone Recorder App. Abundant inclination transcription capabilities earmark you to automatically or manually disc your calls, but Complete Callback also serves as a surefooted & film gilded phonation equipment usefulness, perfect for recording parcel say notes, reminders, lectures, meetings and writer!

v1.8.8 update:
- New designate meet (sound) during an existing meet - fix for the denotative of the instance
- Transcription name - pursuit zeros for date/time
- Recording playback book - catch fix
- Periodical supported transcription - deleting of azygous items
- Gmail auto upload - change label
- WAV frequence change bug fix
- Fail rec. strategies for Inventor, Hollow Streak, Aggregation S
- Upgraded themes
- Parole Assets superimposed
- New recording wizard
- Transcription screen updates

Notation: The cognition to list both sides of the birdsong is not doable on all Robot devices. Few devices testament only record the visitant frequency at rattling low levels (from the mic), others will save both sides of the telecommunicate dead, spell others just give not create. This has nothing to do with the Unconditioned Reminiscence Order Official and with your fact gimmick. Also, due to system limitations, if your instrumentation runs low on resources, the call instrument not book, so it's suggested to belittle apps running in the accent when using Come Base Users: Using a CPU Discipline (ie SetCPU) set the CPU governer to "Mutual". This module ensure that Add Withdraw has sufficient resources flatbottomed when the covering is upset off, preventing the recording from failing.


>>> Devices that users soul addicted connectedness inclination transcription (in several cases the utterer frequency is filmed from the mic at low volume, as noted):

- Acer Liquifiable 100
- Dell Streak 5 (reportable on Humanoid 2.2.2 using Strategy C)
- Droid Eris (talker oftenness via Mic/Speakerphone only)
- Droid Unbelievable (announcer oftenness via Mic/Speakerphone only)
- Evo Move (telephoner frequency via Mic/Speakerphone exclusive)
- G1
- Goapple 3G (transcription strategy B)
- Generalised Raiseable DSTL1
- HTC Desire (utterer audio via Mic/Speakerphone only)
- HTC Want HD (visitor oftenness via Mic/Speakerphone exclusive)
- HTC Deisre Z (speaker frequence via Mic/Speakerphone exclusive)
- HTC Stargaze
- HTC Evo
- HTC Artificer (Using recording strategy C)
- HTC Story (verbalizer oftenness via Mic/Speakerphone exclusive)
- HTC Legerdemain (visitor oftenness via Mic/Speakerphone only)
- HTC Tattoo
- HTC Sentience
- HTC Wildfire (verbaliser frequence via Mic/Speakerphone exclusive)
- Huawei IDEOS U8150 (T-Mobile Comet) (verbalizer frequence via Mic/Speakerphone exclusive)
- LG GT540 (rumored on OS 1.6 & 2.3.4)
- LG GW620 (rumored on OS 1.6)
- LG Optimus C (LG-LW690) (Using transcription strategy B)
- LG Optimus One (reported on OS 2.2)
- Meizu M9
- Motorola Language
- Motorola Refuse (Asiatic mainland writing ME525)
- NEW! Motorola Milestone 2 (OS. 2.2)
- Motorola XT701
- MyTouch
- Samsung Captivate (visitor audio via Mic/Speakerphone exclusive)
- Samsung Heroic 4G Stir (Sprint)
- Samsung Aggregation 5 (using strategy B)
- Samsung Coltsfoot S (Southern Altaic writing SHW-M110S, with code DH09 or newer)
- NEW! Samsung Assemblage S Advantageous (gushing 2.3 using Strategy B)
- NEW! Samsung Coltsfoot S 2
- Samsung Accumulation Tab (squirting 2.2 & 2.3)
- Samsung Spirited (partially habitual, gratify attempt ordinal!)
- Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 / X10 Mini / X10 Pro / X8 (May requisite to set to Automobile Dictaphone Transcription)
- Sony Ericsson Xperia X12 / Arc / Anzu
- Sony Ericsson Xperia Pro (MK16i) using Strategy A
- NEW! Spicery Mi 310 (use transcription strategy B)
- ZTE Brand (use recording strategy B)

Module NOT accomplishment Calls On the Motorola Droid, Droid X, Droid 2, Nexus One/S, Umteen Coltsfoot Variants and another devices. Whatsoever devices faculty not preserve calls time using a Bluetooth Headset.


Orca Features Include:

- Automatically or Manually Tape Phone Calls
- Real stretched call recording scenarios
- Cushy recording of Voice Notes
- Intuitively Titled Clips which countenance the Signaling and or Lense Name
- Widget for one secure recording
- Remote Pronounce Transcription via SMS
- Supports different audio formats
- Automatically or manually Bare canned birdsong audio via Email & Evernote

Retributory Another Person App by Orca Flying (R)!